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Monday, February 4, 2013

Davis Cup takes a back seat to the Super Bowl

Davis Cup takes back seat to Super Bowl
By Jawad Bisharat

If any of you were watching Sam Querrey seal the deal for team U.S.A over Brazil yesterday you would have noticed something interesting...the stands were a ghost town.

Look I get it, Football is the #1 watched sport in the U.S. and is crushing everything in its sights. Over 120 million people watched the Super Bowl yesterday. Davis Cup didn't have a chance like Canada didn't have a chance over Spain :)

How do you expect Davis Cup to compete with that?? Sad truth is it can't. But nor can baseball, NBA and MLS. Did ESPN talk about anything else in the world of Sports yesterday?

Can you blame the town of Jacksonville? Brad Gilbert wasn't too happy about it in his Twitter posts. He had some ideas about separating ticket sales for each day instead of the required 3 days. But we all know nothing would have helped yesterday. I mean it's Super Bowl Sunday! So unless your were the final episode of Mash in 1983 you didn't have a chance.

I'm sure we all felt bad for the players but I know they get it.
I once sat with Andy Roddick for breakfast and all he talked about was Pro and College football. Fact is I know a few of the players were wishing for a quick finish to Sam's match for more reason then just the victory.  

  Luckily for all no 5th set. Sam was able to dismiss Alves just in time for the start of the Super Bowl. I'm sure the players and all 30 people in the stands were happy about that.

Up next is Serbia...hopefully with a full stadium and without Djokovic!

More Davis Cup photos here: http://www.daviscup.com/en/photos/galleries.aspx


Anonymous said...

I attended the Friday and Sunday's match. I was disappointed in the attendance. I said, where are the thousands who use to support the WTA Bausch n Lomb championship when it existed. The group of Brazilian supporters were louder than us. #embarrased

Jawad Bisharat said...

I'm sure if Brazil was playing in the World Cup those fans wouldn't have been there as well. Sunday was a no win, except for the score, situation.