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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Djokovic v. Murray...little boring??

I've been a tennis fan for over 30 years. I have seen everyone from Borg, McEnroe, Connors, Sampras and so on. I love watching the game, the strategy as well as every now and then a player going nuts on the court. However, last weeks Australian Open Final was drama free to say the least.

I was very excited to watch the match and I admit I recorded it since it started at 12:30am on the west coast but none the less I was excited to watch.

About hour or hour and half into the match I noticed myself getting bored with it and actually forwarding through some of the games. I couldn't really put my finger on why until it kinda struck me...each point was nearly identical. I felt as I was watching the same point over and over. Especially since they also somewhat mirror each other. At least in the women's match Li Na fell and nearly knocked herself out!

Back to the men, we had two incredibly gifted baseline players who can run down a chicken in a hen house that would play these grueling 20-30 shot rallies. At first it was amazing but after 2 hours I was like "is there anything more to this match??".
It really came down to who blinked first and in this case Murray blinked.

I am not taking anything away from the players. They are playing to today's style with the advanced rackets and strings that even have a hack like me hitting like never before. So what does the ATP do?

I remember 15 -20 years back tennis was concerned that the points were too fast, too many aces, not enough rallying. Wimbledon even slowed down their courts and the ATP started using heavier balls. I think it's now the time to put it in reverse. The courts have become way too slow, the equipment is way too advanced and the athletes have become way too fast.

In regards to majors I would like to see the ATP speed up the game for more then just the fans but for the players? Do you think Djokovic and Nadal liked going over 5 hours in their AO Final last year?

The ATP only has two real options here: Use lighter balls and/or speed up the courts in the major championships.

What do you think? Do you like these long 5 hour matches? and any idea how to find a way to get a player to yell at the umpire now and then!

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