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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Was Mardy Fish right to complain?

Mardy Fish down a set and break point at 4-4 in the 2nd hits a fantastic short cross court volley. As his opponent sprinted to the ball, and just before contact, Mardy yells "come on!" assuming he won the point. Ebden, his opponent immediately looks to the umpire to replay the point. The umpire agrees with Ebden and calls for a replay of the point due to obstruction. Mardy approaches the umpire to argue that his "come on" did not effect the outcome of the point. As always the umpire does not change his mind and tells Mardy that the rules state you can not yell out prior to the point being completed.

As we all remember this is very similar to Serena Williams last year at the US Open.

I watched the point 3 times and every time I feel Mardy called out too early. Ebden had a play on the ball and whether he would have made it or not is irrelevant. The rules are the rules. I have to agree with the umpire on this one.

I'm sure Mardy is more mad at himself today. He should know better then to yell out before the point is over.

What do you think? Was Mardy right wanting the point awarded to him or was the umpire correct?


1 comment:

april ann said...

i'm certainly guilty of doing this once or twice in my life. It's hard to control the passion sometimes and the outbursts come so fast on the court when you are playing. At the same time its the rules and it is not allowed, so its up to the player to hold it together, and get back after that call is made!
i feel like he was a little more embarrassed for himself