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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Acapulco a safe place for a tennis tournament??

Acapulco, a tourist destination for many Americans gained headlines for the wrong reason. Known for its luxury resorts and beautiful beach this city saw its first massacre of 2011.
On Jan. 8th, 2011 25 people were found dead and 15 of them decapitated. The bodies were dumped on the sidewalk of a popular commercial center. 4 other men were thrown from a bridge just last week. The drug Cartel violence has reach a brutal level.

Among all this Acapulco host the ATP Abierto Mexicano Tournament. The current state of Acapulco didn't seem to keep some of the worlds best tennis players from entering the event.
The security for the players must be like Shahar Peer playing in Dubai.

Would you go to Acapulco? Did you know the 25 people killed in January were tourist. Their bus was hijacked and the people were murdered.

If the state of Acapulco doesn't change I would plee with the ATP to change the location. The world is too big a place to choose a city being over run with violence that is beyond anything we have ever seen.

What do you think? Should the ATP change the location?

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